Lo-Fi House Chords

Lo-Fi House Chords

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Size: 209.6mb
Loops: 77
Midi: 64
Tempos: 100-125 bpm
Styles - House Chords, Rhodes, Synths

Lo-Fi House Loops & Samples

Lo-Fi House Chords is a stunning collection of warped, twisted and beautifully character laden house loops & samples. We've included pads, chord movements and lead lines perfect for Lo-Fi House & Techno. Each loop and sample has been beautifully mixed and processed to add some real grit to your productions, adding that analogue warmth right into your DAW of choice.

True Analogue Warmth

With references to classic house, dub techno and the current Lo-Fi movement, this stunning example of Lo-Fi house samples will fit perfectly against your gritty drum machine grooves and provide you with an instant 'out the box' feel. For maximum flexibility, we've also provided a lovely batch of over 60 midi files ensuring each idea can be manipulated into your style of choice.

Gritty VHS Processing

Nestled inside you'll find modulating analogue chords, VHS processed Lo-Fi lead lines, delay tinged techno stabs and lashings of Lo-Fi goodness across each and every sample.