Live Soul Drums

Live Soul Drums

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Truly Authentic Live Drum Samples.

Live soul drums combines the greatest microphones, the most characterful pre-amps and most importantly one hell of a session player to form an incredible batch of mix ready live drum samples. Spanning tempos ranging from 70-140bpm we've covered all aspects of classic soul but opened this sample pack up to all genres that require that touch of a live session musician playing great sounding tuned drums. From rolling hi-hat patterns to live ghost note improvisations you really can't beat the soul and swing of a human performance.

Beautifully Saturated Drum Samples

Inside this crisp live drum sample library you'll find saturated drum loops spanning multiple tempos, crisp hi-hats and variations offering up maximum flexibility when progressing in a track, rolling tom drum work, hip-hop inspired grooves and solid 4x4 rhythms akin to contemporary pop.

Add that Live Drum Feel.

So, if you're looking to add that classic feel of live drums then this ones a winner. Great gear and an amazing musician working in harmony is one not to be missed out on. Stunning stuff.


Size: 506.3mb

Pack: Loops: 156 & One Shots: 66

Tempos: 70-140bpm

Instruments - Live Drums & Breaks Loops.