Live Drums Bundle

Live Drums Bundle

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Our Most Established Live Drum Loops Bundle

Coming in at a might 2.4Gb and including over 1400 groundbreaking live drum loops, our latest drum bundle is the first and last mighty drum collection you'll ever need. The RRP of this entire collection is £135 so we've knocked off an incredible 60%!! Sampling our favourite session drummers, each one of these incredible loops will get your session rolling and keep that head nodding - All with that classic Touch Loops sound.

Over 1400 Live Drum Loops & Samples

Inside this incredible bundle you'll find the following: Soulful Drum Grooves - Yussef Dayes inspired jazz tonged Hip-Hop madness. Vintage Drum Breaks - Classic Recording Techniques, Analog chain and endlessly cool grooves. Live Hip-Hop Drums - Those classic Dilla grooves performed with absolute perfection. Classic Break Sessions - Spring tinged, crunchy and gritty classic breaks. Tape Drums - Ultra Lo-Fi tape driven live drum loops and samples.

Classic Breaks, Live Hip-Hop drums & Soulful Drum Grooves

To accompany these incredible loops you'll also get over 200 live drum one shots meaning you can build your own sampler kits, add live drum hits to programmed loops and just re-enforced your tracks with some beautiful rides & crashes.


RRP - £135 - SAVE OVER over 60%..!!
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Vintage Drum Breaks, Classic Break Sessions, Soulful Drum Grooves, Live Hip-Hop Drums & Tape Drums