Late Night Moves

Late Night Moves

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Classic Breaks & Live Drum Samples

Dusty, characterful and timeless. Reaching for the classics but with that modern twist, Late Night Grooves digs deep into the world of spring reverbs, analogue synths, rich guitar tones and classic breaks. Inspired by the sounds of Celeste and Gotts Street Park, this sultry late night beast is the soundtrack to that intimate 70's film score. Vinyl crackle covers the lashings of spring reverb and saturated drum tones.

Soundtrack To A Unwritten Film

Nestled inside you'll a collection of live instrument loops that sing beautifully both on their own or working together. Think late night guitar chords and skanks, intimate classic breaks, Dilla inspired programme drums showcasing that must have bump and so much more.

Incredible Jazz & Soul Samples

In keeping with the slick tone you'll find amp rich Rhodes loops, analogue synth arpeggios, emotional upright keys and tremolo processed lead lines. So, if you're looking for that late night soundtrack then this ones for you - a score for the unwritten film this beautiful sample pack will give you that characterful touch you'll reach for time and time again.


Size: 506.6Mb

Loops: 95

One Shots: 44

Tempos: 74-123 Bpm

Styles - Live Hip-Hop, Late Night Jazz, Celeste Inspired Dusty Grooves.