Jungle Archives

Jungle Archives

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Loops: 100
Size: 151mb
Tempos: 165-170
Styles - Timeless jungle drum samples. DnB drums from processed live breaks. Royalty free drum samples.

Download Hard Hitting Jungle Drum Samples

Introducing the ultimate Jungle must-have: Jungle Archives. This meticulously crafted collection of jungle drum samples have been expertly crafted by Touch Loops favourite Jung Park and feature his trademark drum processing techniques. 

Expertly Produced Royalty Free Drum Loops

Featuring a vast array of live, royalty free drum breaks. Jungle Archives is the go-to option when getting those true, authentic live drum tones that are crucial in both Jungle, and DnB! 
From the thunderous kicks to the crisp snares, each loop is guaranteed to cut through the densest of mixes.

With each loop starting it's life as a live recording, the swing and feel of a human performance is baked into each loop ensuring your beats move in a way that only a live drummer can execute! 

Grab Some Processed Live Drum Breaks 

Whether you're a seasoned producer in search of that authentic jungle vibe or a newcomer to the world of drum and bass, these royalty-free samples will instantly add the true essence of classic Jungle. 

Perfect for layering, chopping, and rearranging. Each sample delivers unique rhythmic patterns that will stand out from the crowd.  Download some Jungle classics today!