Infinite Promise

Infinite Promise

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Emotional House Pack

Let’s get deep with our latest emotional house pack: Infinite Promise. A collection of loops inspired by Jaques Greene, Disclosure and Koreless to name a few, it falls into the world of progressive and Melodic House with a slight UK Garage nod.


Analog Synths and Fidgety Beats

With the focus on emotion and melody, each loop is drenched in analog warmth and human imperfections. You’ll be greeted with fidgety garage and solid house beats and tops, Full-bodied bass lines and sub samples, pad loops with ample character and warm colours, and analog arpeggios and synths overflowing with euphoric melody and shape.


All About The Details...

As always each loop has been painstakingly arranged, mixed and mastered to give you everything you need once in your DAW or sampler. So if you’re looking for those emotional, progressive house vibes look no further! And as always, all are 100% royalty-free.



Loops: 128

Size: 327.6 mb

Tempos: 110 - 140 bpm

Styles: Progressive Garage Beats, Emotional Melodic House, deep textural pads and more!