Illusion Funk

Illusion Funk

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Inside The Pack

Size: 316.3MB

Loops: 127

Tempos: 82 - 110BPM

Style: Masterful 80's vintage funk pop! 


Live 80s Funk Loops

We’re back with our newest pack, ‘Illusion Funk’. Brainchild of musician and producer ‘Gabriel Quirino’, it’s a stunning collection of deep 80’s funk.

Vintage Hardware Samples

The backbone of the pack is the stunning performance and recording of Gabriel’s original hardware synth collection and guitar playing. Sampling synths ranging from Juno, MonoPoly, DX7/DX11, QS6, MS2000, Rhodes and more, and all ran through beautiful and characterful hardware chains and pedals.

It’s a pack that reaches through time to offer up an authentic recreation of 80s Funk. The pack is organised into a construction kit style, offering the full mix and stems of each of Gabriel’s creations.

Lovingly Created...

So if a tasteful slice of the 80s is what you’re looking for to bring life to your music, you’re in the right place. With glorious iconic drums and rich analog synths, we’ve got you covered. And as always, 100% royalty-free!