Harmonic Moods

Harmonic Moods

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Download The Finest Jazz House Samples

Inspired by the sound world of Dane Kye & Rhythm Section, we present to you our finest 90's tinged pack to date - Harmonic Moods. Reaching for our favourite analog synths, dusty hardware and classic drum machines, each one of these iconic jazz house samples is brimming with texture, vibe and epic musicianship. Divided down into 12 construction kits, we ensured maximum flexibility at all times giving you the option build up your tracks or grab each separate section and make it into your own. Here's what you get:

Iconic 90s Piano House Samples & Loops

Across the 12 kits you'll find live Fender P-bass plus Moog sub bass rhythms, rolling classic drum machine beats, jazz tinged Rhodes & organ samples, 70's inspired processed clav loops, organic percussion phrases and so much more. To accompany Brent's (Blue Tones) incredible musicianship we've also included a collection of stunning male vocal hooks, harmonies and melodies for that added touch of class.

Mixed With The best In Analog Outboard

As with all Touch Loops collection, we've mixed and mastered all loops through our favourite outboard pieces from the likes of Neve & SSL ensuring each sample is primed and ready for your DAW. So, if you're a die hard jazz house fan of love the feel of 90's house then this ones for you - both nostalgic and contemporary, we just know you're going to love it.


Size: 204Mb

Loops: 77

Tempos: 108-125 Bpm

Styles - Dan Kye & Rhythm Section Inspired Soulful Jazz House, Smooth Rhodes Samples, Lo-Fi Guitar Loops & Analog Synths.