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Download Soulful Electric Guitar Samples

Performed and recorded by the outrageously talented Brent March, this iconic collection of sun-drenched electric guitar samples are the perfect sample material. Taking notes from Neo-Soul & Jazz, each one of these beautiful guitar licks will be perfect for hip-hop, electronica and trap. Whether you use them to form the foundation of a track, create a lush chorus or drop them into a sampler, the harmonically rich textures will create an instant vibe and tone. Primed for adding that authentic touch, we just know you'll adore them.


Incredible, Hip-Hop Guitar Loops

Divided down between 80-90 bpm, each loop is primed for hip-hop taking references from the iconic sounds of Shlohmo & Tom Misch. We're talking phased-out Neo-Soul chord progressions, delicate guitar leads and stabs, warped and wah'd selections and so much more. Each loop has been beautifully mixed and processed ensuring they are mix-ready, expertly balanced and primed for your DAW of choice.


Add Some Soul Guitar Into Your Tracks

So, if you're looking to add some beautifully authentic electric guitar samples into the mix then this is the one. Inspired by some truly iconic artists with the perfect tone and mix, each of these will kick start your next beat!

284.6 Mb
80-89 Bpm
Styles - 
Iconic, soulful electric guitar samples.  Neo-Soul tinged hip-hop guitar loops.