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Iconic 80's Synth Loops

Inspired by the eccentric sounds of 80's electronica, Future Synthwave is the culmination of nights spent pushing the original analog synths and drum machines to the edge of their limits. Focusing in on the sounds of Com Truise, you'll find his trademark tones spread across these iconic 10 constructions kits.

Classic Drum Machine Samples

Inside each of these timeless kits you'll find iconic 80's synth loops, era defining gated reverbs focused drum machine loops, dense Moog sub bass samples, live pluck and slap bass tones, ethereal pad loops and iconic DX7 bell like lead tones. All packaged into the most usable of formats, each loop has been run through our favourite in house analog outboard and mixed perfectly so all you need to do is drop it into your DAW and start writing.

MIDI Loops & Samples Across 10 Construction Kits

As well as the 50 MIDI loops, we've also ensured each loop works perfectly on it's own as it does within the context of a construction kit. Where things need to be broken down we've broken them down. Not useful?! We'll leave it! Iconic tones that transport you from the 80s with the most contemporary of vibes - truly special!


Constructions: 10

Size: 298mb

Loops: 83

MIDI: 54

Tempos: 56-90 Bpm

Styles - Com Truise / 80's Influenced electronica.  Classic 80's synths, live bass, drum machines, gated reverbs.