Future Funk

Future Funk

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Gritty Funk Samples

Crisp, analogue, soulful and beautifully stylish. Future funk is our first foray into the recorded world of classic funk samples and wow, what an entrance. By utilising all the classic gear you know and love we've amassed a collection of truly authentic funk samples that instantly transport you back to the heyday of skilled session bands, 'vibing jazz quartets and painfully talented session musicians.

Incredible Analogue Synths

Nestled inside this funk beauty you'll find 5 incredible construction kits built from the foundations of all things funk & soul. Think rolling live drum breaks covering broken beats and four four classics, grooving analogue bass loops, vintage pitch shifting Moog leads, rich pads and so much more. If an analogue synth can create it then we've captured it with the upmost grit and detail.

MIDI & One Shot Samples

There's also a collection of disco inspired guitar licks, MIDI for all bass and extra synth parts plus 80 saturated drum one shots that capture the true essence of this incredible genre. So, if you find yourself short of ideas, looking for some extra soul then this ones for you - an authentic exploration that guarantees to get you dancing and instantly inspired.


Pack: Loops: 74 & One Shots: 80

Size: 330.5mb

MIDI: 40

Construction Kits: 5

Instruments - Analogue synth driven funk samples.  Live guitar samples, live bass, live drums.