Funk Drums

Funk Drums

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Size: 182.3Mb
Loops: 70
One Shots: 15
Tempos: 70-120 Bpm
Styles - 80's soul, pop & RnB drum loops, gated reverbs, vintage drum machines and so much more. 

Enter The World Of Timeless 80's Drum Samples

Small in size but undeniably mighty in the vibe, our latest collection of authentic 80's drum samples is not to be slept on. Crafting using only the the finest vintage drum machines, an immaculate 70's Slingerland drum kit and mixed through some beautiful API outboard, this one perfectly captures the sounds we all know and love. 

Only The finest RnB Dum Samples

Broken down across 8 constructions kits, a packed folder of extra full loops plus some incredible sounding one shots, we know this one will become a sample go-to. Featuring both live and programmed drum loops, delicate live percussion loops, gated reverbs and timeless 80's swing, this is a must have for die hard fans of that era. 

Fitting perfectly against some 80's synth samples whilst feeling equally at home in modern pop or hip-hop, this is a prime opportunity to own the sounds of one of the most iconic eras in musical history! A truly unique pack that's not only royalty free but comes mix ready, broken down for maximum flexibility and itching to get used on your next track. We love it!