Tuned Percussion - Sampler Instruments

Tuned Percussion - Sampler Instruments

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Free Kontakt Instruments

Download these free Kontakt instruments, plus extra sampler instruments for Logic X's EXS24 and Ableton Live Sampler and add some organic tuned percussion into the mix.


Available For The EXS24 & Ableton Sampler

We've been sampling our favourite toy Marimba to create something fun yet timeless. These amazing sampler instruments come in 3 unique styes: Dry - Straight smooth recordings of the famous toy marimba. Ghost - Ethereal and reverb heavy these tones are lush and ambient Grain - Granular processed, these sounds evolve and twist as the samples overlap, a thing of great beauty. So, if you're looking to add something fun and organic into your tracks then look no further, this ones got your name on it.


3 Sampler Instruments - Logic X (EXS24), Ableton Sampler, Native Instrument Kontakt
Styles -  
Dry and processed Marimba samples, Tuned Percussion, FX