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Arca Inspired Future Music Loops

Seamlessly gliding between genres, inspiration & texture. Fluidity digs deep into the abstract psyche of Bjork's go-to producer Arca. Effortlessly blending distorted trap rhythms with stunning live piano performances, abstract future music loops and organic elements, this ultra contemporary sample pack will lift your productions into new sonic realms.

Stretched Textures & Detailed Pad Samples

Fluidity showcases some of our most detailed work to date. Stretched ambient progression reveal granular level editing and production whilst the driving beats effortlessly toy with tempo and timbre. Expertly designed 808 sub bass lines lock with the incredibly moving lead synth phrases, dancing arpeggios drive movement and only go to reveal yet more depth and complexity in this sonic wonderland.

Incredible Construction Kits

Divided down into 13 incredible construction kits, you'll have the ability to drop in a 'full mix' loop or dig deep into the tapestry of elements, choosing whichever one fits your production style or track. To compliment these construction kits you'll also find a folder titled 'Misc Textures' - Don't be fooled by this though. Inside lives a batch of amazing glitch percussion loops, moving pad elements, rich location sources and so much more. Get exploring today in this incredible treasure chest of endless possibility.


Size: 416Mb

Loops: 100

One Shots: 60

Tempos: 95 - 164 Bpm

Styles - Arca Inspired, Futuristic, Trap, Hip-Hop, Abstract Beats, Textures, Ethereal.