Ethereal Harmonies

Ethereal Harmonies

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Download Beautiful Female Vocal Samples

Ethereal Harmonies is a beautiful, textured vocal sample pack that offers endless flexibility and infinite inspiration. Performed by the incredibly talented Marija Clara & tracked through our favourite analog signal chain - the quality and breadth of sounds is ground breaking. From the delicate harmony loops to the FKA Twigs inspired processed vocal phrasing, every loop brings something new and evocative.

Lush Harmony Loops & Phrases

With inspirations ranging from Bjork to FKA Twigs - We've broken the collection down into vocal one shots and loops that include both processed and the original mixed recordings. Inside you'll find: Loops: Adlibs - Soulful vocal phrases, processed FX loops and stunning lyrical selections. Harmonies - Stacked vocal phrases and loops. Tirelessly beautiful. Textures - Both processed and original vocal ambiences, organic vocal pads and futuristic processing. Vocal Phrases - Beautifully organic vocal loops, perfect for adding that stunning soulful live vocal feel. One Shots: Adlibs - Lyrics-less harmonies that flow and evolve. Harmonies - Single notes for building that rich, lush backing chords. Various & Perc - Broad collection of vocal sounds, noises, FX, Rhythmic Ideas and Abstract Hooks. So, if you're looking for THAT killer vocal sample pack that covers everything from organic, delicate vocal phrasing to incredibly detailed sonic textures this ones for you. Outrageously accomplished, mix ready and a guaranteed must have - we just know you're going to love this one.


Size: 443.2Mb

Loops: 196

Single Vocal Shots: 122

Styles - Lush female vocal samples, ethereal harmonies, processed and raw vocal phrases, single note harmonies & single word phrases.