Melodica Futuro

Melodica Futuro

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Download Ethereal Electronica Samples

Introducing Melodica Futuro. A experimental sample pack of incredible weight and beauty. Inspired by the sound world of Nicolas Jaar, this bespoke collection fuses together the most ethereal electronica samples with driving melodic techno rhythms - A combination we just can't get enough of! Designed to perfection and executed with style, let's find out what's inside:

Transient, Lucid Techno Loops

Digging through this collection a few things will stand out, the level of quality and also the attention to detail. Each loop has been expertly mixed and processed with space in mind. From the distorted spring reverbs to modulated convolution reverbs, each loop stands up beautifully on its own. Inside we've included rolling Moog bass lines, blues inspired guitar licks akin to Darkside, ethereal ambient pads and washes, anthemic techno stabs, saturated drum loops perfect for electronica and techno, dense textures and beautifully composed organic top loops that fit against the drum machine beats plus so much more.

Royalty Free Electronica Samples

So, if you're looking for a new collection that will give your mixes that 3-D depth this ones for you. Beautifully mixed, produced and designed, each loop will fit perfectly against your tracks fusing together into an incredible new composition. We can't wait to see what you get up to with it all!


Size: 331.8Mb

Loops: 100

Tempos: 80-126 Bpm

Styles - Nicolas Jaar & Darkside Inspired Ethereal Electronica Samples melodic techno samples and driving analog rhythms.