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Ethereal Beats

Ethereal Beats

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Ethereal Beats
TouchLoops Ethereal Beats


Size: 969.7Mb
Loops: 215
Ones: 104



Rich Foley Samples

Ethereal Beats is an exploration into the stunning, ethereal world of organic electronica. With references as far and wide as Flying Lotus, Shigeto & Tycho this eclectic sample collection will instantly become your new go-to for stunning sounds, endless inspiration and incredible musicianship and processed foley samples.

Incredible Live Music Loops

Performed and designed by the incredibly talented artist Monochrome, this beautiful collection of processed acoustic loops & samples showcases perfectly the work of a musician who has mastered his craft. From glistening guitar loops to processed analogue bass lines, evolving arpeggios to manipulated live drums, effected foley samples and pianos this truly inspiring collection is just asking to be twisted, manipulated and embraced.

Live Bass Loops

As well as the usual drum one shots we’ve also included a collection of instrument hits that are perfect for dropping into your sampler of choice ensuring the most flexibility from this bespoke sample pack. Whether you produce electronica or are looking for something that little bit different this collection guarantees to offer everything your sample collection has been crying out for.