Dystopian World - Presets

Dystopian World - Presets

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Analogue Inspired Synth Presets.

Dystopian Worlds explores our first venture into the world of synth presets. With an undying love for analogue synthesis, 80's film sound tracks and the latest production of Blade Runner 2049 the inspiration for the collection was never in question.

Introducing Dystopian Worlds. Designed for the incredibly versatile and powerful Air Music Tech Vacuum Synth, this beautifully unique and bespoke collection places the sound, tone and feel of analogue synths right into your DAW of choice. 

Moog Tinged Bass Patches.

Warping leads, driven sub basses, rich analogue chords, beautiful evolving pads and inspirational arps offer a insight into the psyche of one of the film industries greatest film series. With each sound offering endless tweak options this beautiful collection offers that touch of imperfection that was synonymous to all great synths of times gone by. We've also ensured each patch evolves over time adding yet more movement and class to your compositions. 


Evolving Arpeggios & Leads.

So, if you're looking to add some incredibly gritty, rich and inspiring synth presets to your collection then this one is for you. 

Presets: 50
Required: Air Music Tech - Vacuum Pro Synth.
Style - Blade Runner Inspired Synth Presets