Disk Drums

Disk Drums


Touch Loops
Disk Drums
Touch Loops Disk Drums


Loops: 100
One Shots: 35
Size: 197.8mb
Tempos: 73-126 bpm
Style – Lo-Fi & Classic Hip-Hop Beats, Hi-Hats, Top Loops, Percussion.

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Classic Hip-Hop Drum Samples

If you like your Hip-Hop drum samples to be PHAT, saturated and full of character then look no further my friend.  This incredibly well produced, mixed and processed selection of Lo-Fi & Classic hip-hop drum loops are teaming with character and guarantee to add weight and style to any track they so grace! 

Top Loops & One Shots

Nestled inside this sample beauty you’ll find classic Dilla inspired bumpin’ live drum loops, rolling hi-hat patterns separated out into super useful top loops, organic shaker loops, authentic sounding snare progressions all laced with that classic Touch Loops tape tone. 

Saturated Hip-Hop Beats

We’ve also included an amazing batch of superbly crafted amp driven one shots that are just oozing with character and vintage tone – a true sample diggers delight! 

So, if you’re a producer of Hip-Hop, looking to delve into the genre or craft organic half time DnB then this one slams!