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Download This Iconic Live Drum Loops Pack

Inspired by the sounds of Stax Records, classic 70's disco and nu-school soul, this iconic live drum loops pack is oozing with timeless vibe, rich character and non stop style.
Harnessing the power of a world class session musician, a purely analog signal chain and a beautifully tuned vintage kit, you just know these drum loops will inspire creativity and get that next track rolling in no time.

Divided down into 3 tempos that range from 108-118 bpm, each loop will be perfectly at home on a classic soul record or a house joint that requires the touch and feel of a live musician. Covering everything from classic 4x4 beats to tops and cymbals, here's what's inside..

So, inside this live drum beauty you'll find classic Disco beats and grooves, broken kick work that allows seamless track development, hi-hat and cymbal only loop & iconic house inspired top loops.
Showcasing the drummer class we've included session standard stick drags across many beats, rhythm enhancing ghost hits and grooves, beautifully performed fills across all tempos and non stop off beat goodnesses that really gets the floor moving.

As well as the 170 drum loops you'll also find a deeply sampled disco kit covering all the classic drum one shots plus many more detailed selections. Think tape driven kicks, snares, hats, side sticks, flams, expertly tuned toms, ride cymbals, bells and more. All loaded into a few samplers for even easier use and flexibility! Lets' disco!

Size: 278 mb
One Shots: 
108-118 Bpm
Styles - 
Disco Drums, Soulful Breaks, Live House Drums & More.