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Digital Spectrums

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Digitized Future Bass Samples

If your sample collection is crying out for futuristic rhythms, genre bending sequences and system ready beats then look no further my friend, this is the one for you. Our producer of choice has created what he describes as 'musical lego' ensuring each loop has the potential to work seamlessly with the next, irrelevant of key.  It's this attention to detail that provides that we adore and ensures the maximum number of options and flexibility when using this groundbreaking collection of future bass samples.

This incredibly diverse collection of samples explores the world of digital perfection. Think huge, crisp evolving side-chained synths, pin point precise drum programming, manipulated 808 basses, granular processed percussion loops and pop-inspired glistening hooks. Each element exists beautifully against the next and is complimented by a folder of other worldly processed FX offering movement and pace at every turn.

The level of production on this collection is through the roof ensuring each loop is mix ready allowing you to concentrate on crafting the perfect electronica classic. We've also included over 100 stunning one shots and a batch of midi to aid your creativity and keep the inspiration flowing. Find your sound in this epic new future bass sample pack.

Size: 568.4mb
Pack: Loops: 238 & One Shots: 116
Midi: 10
Tempos: 140-160 bpm
Style - EDM & Future Bass Inspirations.  Chords, Leads, 808