Destination Funk

Destination Funk

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Size: 464.2Mb
Loops: 122
One Shots: 19
Tempos: 60-150 Bpm
Constructions: 7
Styles - Timeless analogue synth samples, live drum and drum machine loops with that 80's touch.

Explore Gaquirino's Finest RnB Sample Pack

When it comes to authentic, 80's tinged RnB samples, Gaquirino really is the man! With total mastery over not one but 4 instruments, this expertly produced RnB sample pack redefines what soul and feel is all about. 

Sampling his eye-watering collection of vintage synths, classic hardware, drum machines and beautiful Slingerland live kit. This collection of construction kits is the perfect remedy for any loss of inspiration you might be suffering. 

Beautifully Maintained Vintage Synths & Analogue Drum Machines

Entering the time machine that is Gaquirino's studio, you'll find everything you could possibly need to craft the perfect RnB sample pack. Captured with pin point accuracy, this sample pack includes soulful RnB keys loops, grooving Moog bass loops, 80's soaked vintage drum machine samples, DX7 & DX11 synth loops, live drum samples oh so much more! 

Perfect RnB Construction Kits 

Broken down across 8 construction kits plus a stacked out selection of extras (yet more drums, bass & synths) we've really hit the details on this one. From the perfect instruments to the exquisite performance and recording, we just know you're going to love this one. 

So, if you're an 80's aficionado, love RnB or feels it's time to add some timeless soul into your tracks then this is a no brainer! Beautiful, royalty free and primed for your next beat!