Dark Waves

Dark Waves

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Incredible Guitar Sound Effects

Dark Waves fuses together the incredible world of ambience, analogue synthesis and driving 4x4 rhythms. Inspired by the sounds of Nicolas Jaar and Darkside, this explorative sample pack showcases how beautifully synth patterns and guitar sound effects can unite to create something beautifully unique.

With character, authenticity and style at the front of the production process, each loop has the ability to sit perfectly against your track or take the lead in moving your tracks into new directions. Think plucky, spring reverb heavy guitar licks, rolling syncopated drum loops, warm sub bass synth loops, saturated lead lines and evolving pads showing just how flexible a guitar can truly be.

So, if you're looking to add some soul and character to your tracks then this ones for you. An amazing exploration into a totally unique palette that can guarantees to get your head nodding - stunner!

 43 Loops & 20 One Shots
Styles - 
Darkside Inspired.  Ambient Guitars, Analogue Synths, Drum Machines.