Cymatic House

Cymatic House

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One Shots: 
Styles - 
Deep & Melodic House samples. Dub & techno inspired stabs and rolling, classic drum machine loops. 

Iconic Deep House Loops

In our latest selection, we're leaning into the beautifully deep and expansive world of deep house & techno. Taking references from the tones of Detroit, dub techno and iconic Ibiza nights - this unique collection of lush deep house samples sure goes big! From the rolling drum machine patterns to the evolving dub stabs and hits, this expertly crafted is one for the absolute house heads!

Rolling, Classic House Loops & One Shots

Digging inside this sample beauty you'll find everything you might need to craft the perfect deep house track! Timeless house beats are broken down into full, kicks and tops, allowing you to develop the beats as your track progresses. Synth lines are expertly processed and saturated, working in harmony with the dub inspired stabs and patterns. Bass? That's easily covered with both top end and subs in the mix! When things need to break, we've also included a collection of stunning, detailed pads and ambiences. 

Royalty-Free House Selections

As always with all of our collections, every one of these deep house samples are 100% royalty free meaning there's no worries with copyright or gaining licenses. So, if you're looking to up your deep house or techno game then this is the one! Download today!