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Cyclic Beats

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Download Iconic Hip-Hop Loops & Samples

Introducing our latest bespoke sample collection; Cyclic Beats. Intricate, detailed, percussive and rhythmic, this unique twist on classic hip-hop loops and samples places it's focus on weaving intricate musical rhythms and patterns to create a collection of tightly knitted grooves, progressions, beats and musical elements that perfectly intertwine.

The elements within the collection are designed to compliment each other enhancing the beat or song section that care to grace. It's this tight integration of staccato sounds, beats, musical elements, vocal chops and driven bass lines that allow this mosaic of a sample collection to really breath and evolve. With a nod to the works of Gold Panda and Steve Reich, this contemporary take on moving patterns offers something incredibly unique to the sample pack market.

Think chopped vocal phrases, intricate lead lines, processed minimal stabs, tight percussion loops, re-sampled and chopped piano licks, lush pads and so much more. So, if you produce Hip-Hop, Electronica or are looking to add something completely unique to your tracks then this one is for you. A truly unique collection of Hip-Hop loops & samples that will lighten your mood, lift your tracks and offer endless inspiration, where ever you turn.

Size: 535.5mb
Pack: Loops: 191 & One Shots: 135
Tempos: 73-136 bpm
Styles - Gold Panda Inspired Hip-Hop & Beats, Chopped Vocals, Pads