Crystal Rhythms

Crystal Rhythms

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Genre Defining Drum N Bass Samples

From classic DnB 2-step beats to the tempo twisting percussion lines and shakers, Crystal Rhythms redefines what you'd expect from a Drum n Bass sample pack. Re-shaping the genre, each ground breaking loop breaks the mould and showcases the extensive options available when toying with tempo and rhythm in the freshest and most unique of ways.

Coming in at 144 loops plus almost 50 super useful MIDI files, we've ensured each loop is as inspiring as it is beautifully produced. So, inside you'll find:

Beats & Perc - Classic DnB drums to Hip-Hop inspired 88 bpm hard hitting rhythms.. each summed through analog and expertly mixed.
Bass - 808 Subs, Modulated Reese Bass loops, Saturated Analog Square Waves and more.
Textures - Expertly recorded and manipulated location recordings, abstract foley, contorted synthesis and beyond.
Chords & Melody - Providing both melody and system ready tones, each progression is both cinematic, iconic and harmonically rich.
Lead Lines - Iconic hooks that add endless inspirairton. Rich saturated analog synths and stunning organic elements.
MIDI - MIDI loops for all major chord progressions, bass lines and lead phrases - flexible and expertly performed.

So, if you're looking to add some complex and unique rhythm this is the pack for you, from the rolling Juke drum work to the sub heavy saturated 808 basses and more, you'll find non stop vibe from a Touch Loops classic. Perfect for DnB, Hip-Hop, Jungle and Duke, we just know you're going to love the collection. 

88-178 Bpm
Styles - 
DnB, Jungle &B Juke loops and samples + MIDI Loops.