Cosmic Colours

Cosmic Colours

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Groundbreaking Future Hip-Hop Samples

Cosmic Colours is a foray into the late night sounds of a party on the brink of explosion. Offering up those slinky, late night sexy beats that intertwine, roll and groove with ease and class. From future hip-hop samples to classic house, late night RnB and beyond theres so much to explore.

Created in house by our collection of production specialists this gritty yet inspired collection is crying out to the twisted into your next stunning dance floor roller. Inspired by the likes of Glenn Astro, Machine Drum, Gold Panda and classic West Cost beats this truly eclectic sample pack will become your instant go to when looking for that unique texture that sets you apart from the next producer or beat maker.

Think otherworldly synth textures, classic 909's and 808 loops, interplanetary Rhodes piano licks, chopped and re-sampled live instrument loops, MPC heavy beats, rich sub bass lines, sparkling pads and a collection of 'ad-libs' that are perfect for that moment of off grid madness. So, if you're looking to take your productions to the next level, step outside the box and create something truly unique then this one's for you - a virtual crate 'diggin experience unlike no other. 

Size: 526.5mb
Pack: Loops: 187 & One Shots: 143
Tempos: 85-145bpm.
Instruments -
Futuristic Hip-Hop Samples.  Synth samples, Rhodes samples, Jazz influenced.