Cosmic Ballroom

Cosmic Ballroom

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Dig Deep Into Our Cosmic Loops Pack

Roll up your sleeves and join us in a Touch Loops Cosmic Christmas. This totally unique cosmic loops pack has everything you need to kick off 2020 in style! From rich analogue arps to dust laden pads, expansive atmospheres and so much more.

One quick spin through this pack will reveal 'HEY - we've been busy'. Inside you'll find a collection of loops, one shots and MIDI that forms the foundation of countless ideas. All set in the key of D# at 95 bpm, the endless combinations mean you'll constantly find fresh ideas, song starters or beat builders at every turn.

With 2020 just around the corner we wanted to give you endless options that not only include loops but also show our love of Ableton.
Nestled inside this ballroom classic you'll be getting:

- 50 Interlocking loops covering bass, drums, synths, arps, pads & leads.
- 72 One Shots - FX, Drums & Perc
- 8 MIDI loops that match the drum rack - each rack has 16 sounds.
- 3 Multi-sampled synths from our in house Roland Analogue beasts.
- 5 Ableton FX racks for colour and vintage tones. 

Size: 735.9mb
Loops: 56
One Shots: 72
MIDI: 8 (Drums)
Ableton Racks: 5
Multi-Sampled Synths: 3