Classic Break Sessions

Classic Break Sessions

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Download Classic Break Samples

 If you're looking for the vibe of vintage tape machines, Roland Space Echo's, classic pre-amps and an all analogue signal chain then look no further my friend. Classic Breaks Sessions is one of the finest examples of classic break samples and loops on the market today and pays perfect homage to the greats of J Dilla, James Brown, Pete Rock and so many classic Hip-Hop tracks of the past.

Perfect for adding that swung live element to your hip-hop and house productions, this stunning collection showcases all the classic break samples you know and love across a spectrum of different flavours. Perfect for chopping, layering, manipulating and twisting we guarantee this epic set of drum loops and one shots will instantly become your go to for classic breaks whenever you need them.

For maximum flexibility we've provided 3 separate styles with tempos ranging from 70-125bpm. What you get:

Modern: Think maximum low end, huge snares and glistening tops.
Classic: We went big on the Space Echo and compression for this one. Gritty, dusty, hissy and bags of character.
Sprung: Processed through the finest of outboard spring reverbs & compressors for maximum dub flavours and tons of attitude.

As always we've also included a bunch of drum one shots sampled from the kit including some lush spring reverb versions for maximum flexibility. These classic break samples are teeming with character, flexibility and value that you'd be mad to miss out on.

Pack: Loops: 236 & One Shots: 24
Tempos: 70-125 bpm
Styles: Classic, Modern & Sprung Live Drum Samples
Size: 530.5mb