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Cinematic Synths

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Authentically Produced 80's Analog Synths Pack.

Cinematic Synths showcases the finest moments of classic 80's film soundtracks. Referencing the greats like The Running Man and Vangelis' 'Blade Runner'.

Presenting the industries finest 80's analog synth pack. Divided down into 5 incredible construction kits, each kit is in the the same key and tempo, offering endless flexibility when composing your next 80's synth soundtrack.

By combining the perfectly composed loops, you can easily build tension, place sound beds under dialogue or evolve a scene into an epic finale; all with the ease that a sample pack can offer. 

Inside this cinematic epic you'll find gritty, evolving pads and leads that utilise Zariis's stunning collection of classic Juno's, J3XP's and MS20's. Rolling analogue bass lines and phrases, classic tension building strings, Steve Vai inspired guitar licks and driving arpeggio phrases - all backed up by timeless drum machine loops.

So, if you're a fan of classic 80's cinema, would love to explore the world of film score or have been drawn in to the mesmerising world of the 80's then this one is for you my friend - impeccably produced and truly inspiring!

Want more? Well you'll also find a bonus folder of 30 evolving soundscape loops that tie in perfectly with the construction kits, safe in the knowledge that each will work perfectly with the next! 

Size: 1.2gb
Loops: 126
MIDI: 60
Tempos: 120bpm
Instruments - 80's film inspired sci-fi loops.  80's analog synths pack, atmospheric guitars.