Celestial Techno

Celestial Techno

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Analog Saturated Melodic Techno Samples

Inspired by the sounds of Lobster Theremin and Munich's Ilian Tape label, Celestial Techno fuses together the finest melodic techno samples with iconic 90's breakbeats, IDM rhythms, Lo-Fi aesthetics and system ready elements to form a truly authentic selection.

From the gritty, highly textured dub pads to the rolling analog rhythms, each sample has been meticulously mixed, filtered, processed and mastered ensuring the outcome is nothing but pure bliss. As always, we've pulled for our favourite pieces of hardware to ensure each sample is rich with harmonic content and drive.

Digging through this iconic selection you'll find influences that pull from classic IDM, 90's rave and breakbeat plus Lo-Fi Techno. It's this combination of elements that form a pack of incredible depth and atmosphere.

Inside you'll find driving analog stabs and lead lines, rhythmic synth and noise sequences, expansive Lo-Fi pad samples and ambience loops, drum machine heavy drums and percussion, timeless synth arps and so much more - all with that rich saturation texture we adore.

So, if you're looking to get into techno or expand your selection then this ones a no brainer! Showcasing a love for the past but a foot firmly in the 21st century, this one guarantees to bang! Add that nostalgic flavour today!

Size: 560 Mb
Loops: 134
MIDI: 48
Tempos: 118 - 138 Bpm
Styles - Lo-Fi Techno, Lobster Theremin Inspirations, Melodic Techno Samples / Melodic House & IDM.