Celestial Ambience

Celestial Ambience

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Explore Beautiful Ambient Pad Samples

Celestial Ambience is an atmospheric journey from the abstract to the dance floor. Filled to the brim with beautifully detailed sound design and glorious beat programming, it dances between hiphop, house, Dubstep and electronica seamlessly.

Inside you'll find a huge collection of elegantly produced ambient pad samples and atmospheres, detailed drum folders full of unusual sound pallets, thick, timeless synths patterns and bottom heavy bass lines.

Our producer of choice has also divided the beats down into 12 super useful construction kits meaning you'll be able to access every single little detail and nuance - super useful!

Tape driven saturation brushes the whole pack, adding weight and character to every single loop and one shot. We've even got you covered with a super useful MIDI folder, helping to make the ideas your own.

So if you're looking for a pack to dive headfirst into for some truly unique production experiences, look no further! As always there's also over 150 one shots covering all drum elements plus FX - an absolute beat makers dream!

Pack: Loops 199 & One Shots: 151
Midi: 29
Size: 712mb
Tempos: 85-125bpm
Styles - Ambient Pads, Processed Foley, Synth Loops & Textures