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All Analog Bedroom Funk Samples

Inspired by the sounds of artists like Prince, Psychic Mirrors and Onra, Boogie Haze digs deep into the analog world of classic drum machines, harmonically rich poly-synths and the incredible DX7.

Reaching for the original tools of the 80's, this all analog funk loops masterclass serves up those classic chords and tones we all know and love in a format that works for producers around the globe.

Inside you'll find rolling drum machine loops from the classic Linndrum & Oberheim DMX, DX7 synth loops with that iconic FM chime, soaring Dave Smith Prophet lead lines, wandering arp passages and rich, dense moog bass lines to really finish the quintet.

Broken down into 3 tempos ranging from 98-125Bpm, each tempos contains loops that work both beautifully on their or layered up to form a more developed patchwork. We've also included 8 mixed 'Full Mixes' that show how well the loops counter-play with each other.

So, if you're looking to explore the analog, tape driven rich world of the 80's then this ones for you - a timeless classic that's oozing with character and tone. From the rich analog synths to the iconic drum machine loops there guarantees to be something to spark some fresh inspiration in your next track - GET 80's!

98-125 Bpm
Full Mixes - 
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Analog Synths, Linndrum Drum Loops, Funk, Boogie, Slowfunk, Ghetto &  Electro Funk.