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Best of 22

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All genres covered plus live instruments and vocal samples. Purely the bets free samples of 2022. 

Download the best free sample packs of 2022

Introducing our latest free sample collection, the 'Best of 22'. Featuring the best free sample packs of 2022, we've dug deep into each release to provide a free collection like no other. 

Covering 29 packs, 500mb+ of content across 179 royalty free loops, this ones a banger! 

Exquisite free sample packs for all genres

Covering genres and styles that range from hip-hop to techno, live drums to RnB vocals, each one of these free samples are 100% royalty free, mix ready and primed to get your rolling again in 2023!

Here's to another year and producing, getting creative and helping you to FIND YOUR SOUND!