Beat Delivery - Vocal Special

Beat Delivery - Vocal Special

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Inside The Pack

Loops: 20

Size: 75.2MB

Tempos: 83 - 134BPM

Styles: Ambient and Abstract Vocal Loops


Free Vocal Loops

We’re back with another Beat Delivery! This month we’ve focused on vocal loops, arguably some of the most useful and expressive sounds you can have in your loop library. We’ve have a collection of 20 hand picked vocal performances for you, all for free!


Abstract Vox Sounds

Inside you won’t find your usual run of the mill pop vocal hooks; but instead abstract, textural and emotional loops that have been processed and experimented with to give you sounds that are unique and exiting. From deep drones to crazy chopped loops, and sounds that ride the line between human and synth, you’re going to want to get involved with this one.


Download Today!

So download today and start playing around with these stunning vocal loops. As always, 100% royalty free!

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