Beat Delivery - Soul Selections

Beat Delivery - Soul Selections

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Inside The Pack:

Size: 76.2 MB

Loops: 20

Tempos: 70 - 140 BPM

Styles: Soulful Chords, beats and bass lines! 


Free Soul Loops

Touch Loops is back with another Beat Delivery: ‘Soul Selections’. 20 handpicked Free Soul Loops from our recent releases. What could be better?! We’ve taken loops from our ‘Electric Landscapes’, ‘Sunset Soul’, Silk Soul and ‘Soulful Drum Grooves’ packs. That’s a lot of soul!


Handpicked Gold


Inside you’ll find some live drum loops and beats, a smattering of glorious soul keys, beautifully played guitars and bass lines, and a few wonky synth loops for good measure.


World Class Samples for Free

So make sure to grab this one for free and get them into your library and onto your next hit! And as always, 100% royalty-free!