Analogue Obsession

Analogue Obsession

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Analogue Synth Samples

Analogue Obsession is your personal entrance into the immersive, nostalgic world of analogue synth samples, classic drum machines and samples with a true essence and soul of classic hardware. Through meticulous sampling, performance, writing and recording we've amassed a stunning collection of harmonically rich analogue driven chords, pads, keys, drums and one shots that pay homage to the machines we so dearly love.

Accessing these rare beasts can be tricky so we decided to create this epic collection of 'out the box' beasts that will sit beautifully against your current tracks plus provide song starting inspiration each and every time.

From hissing Roland Juno's to ultra wide Dave Smith Prophets, twisted MS20s and beyond, we've taken our time to provide you with a bucket of inspiration that will provide the rich, analogue warmth that we all cry out for in our mixes today.

Nestled inside you can expect to find beautiful jazz inspired Lo-Fi chord progressions, nostalgia driven arpeggiated lines and phrases, dusty dub stabs, rich warping analogue synths, expansive soaring leads and a plethora of deep and dark bass lines rich with harmonic warmth and sub-weight.

As always we've recorded them through our go to analogue signal chain of Pre-amp, compressors and EQ's for warmth and control. On the drum front we went all classic and manipulated 808's & 909's in conjunction with more organic material to provide something that's incredibly unique, grooving and inspirational. So, if you're a fan of 80's film soundtracks like Blade Runner, or just want that rich analogue warmth that only vintage hardware can provide then this ones for you. We just know you're going to love it. Embrace the nostalgia and bring this taste of the past crashing into the future - Join the obsession.

Size: 425.4mb
Pack: Loops: 148 & One Shots: 90
MIDI: 80
Tempos: 100-120 bpm
Styles - Analogue Synths, Arps, Pads, 808, Drum Machines