Analogue Arps + MIDI

Analogue Arps + MIDI

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Detailed Analogue Arp Loops & MIDI

Evolving, rich, detailed and beautifully analogue. This incredible collection of classic analogue synth arp loops is the perfect solution for lifting your tracks or adding extra drama and emphasis on that next drop or breakdown.

Experimenting over a few long days, we dug deep into the Touch Loops studio to pull out some of our favourite synths including a vintage Juno, a Moog and the amazing Novation Peak ensuring each loop was a inspiring as the last. Think amazing filter modulations, emotive chord movements, envelope modulations and perfect looping ensuring the next time you drop one into your session it'll work straight away!

Controlling arps and understanding the notes that are being played can sometimes be tricky so we've included the MIDI for 50 patterns providing maximum flexibility for transposing key, tempo or pattern meaning you'll always find the perfect option when creating.

So, if you're looking to add some amazing, toneful analogue arps to your collection then this ones for you - an amazing tool that's as organic as it is creative. "

Pack: 100 Loops
Tempos: 95-120bpm
Styles - 
Ethereal arpeggios, rich atmospheres perfect for techno, Hip-Hop & Electronica.