Future Prophets

Future Prophets

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Futuristic Analog Synths Pack

The Dave Smith prophet has gone down in synth history and there's a reason for it! The breadth of tones and full frequency spectrum was the sole reason for creating this atmospheric, analog synths pack. Jammed full of driving bass rhythms, dub techno inspired stabs and futuristic leads, each one of these incredible royalty free loops have been designed to showcase a beautiful, industrial atmosphere that's both haunting yet truly evocative.

Dub Techno Stabs & Ethereal Soundscapes

Inside this otherworldly sample pack you'll find modulated, tearing synth basses, evolving landscapes and atmosphere, 80's tinged evocative synth leads, 'DeepChord' inspired techno stabs and atmospheric selections, industrial synth tones, earth shaking bass lines and detailed beats that nod to everything from Dubstep to Electronica. For pure character, each loop was tracked through a beautiful SSL pre-amps, then processed with a boutique selection of outboard and FX units adding yet more authentic character.

Royalty Free Analog Techno Samples

So, if you create techno, electronica or future Hip-Hop this one needs to be checked out. Incredible synth design, 3-D atmospheres and iconic tones we just know you'll love!


Size: 328.6Mb

Loops: 71

Tempos: 120-125 Bpm

Styles - Analog synths Pack created on the Dave Smith Prophet - Techno, Electronica & Ambient inspired pads, stabs, leads & atmospheres.