Ambient Droplets

Ambient Droplets

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Textured, Organic Samples

 Ambient Droplets is a sample pack like no other. Through the detailed processing of brass and stringed instrument recordings, new textures and hidden details have been exposed to create the most wonderful and unique collection of organic samples and loops.

From the chopped rhythms to the morphing ambient drones, each pattern promotes rhythm and provides abstract 3-D depth to your mixes and tracks.

Inside this otherworldly collection you'll find sequenced rhythms that gesture to the original form of the sound, abstract arpeggios that roll and evolve, beautiful drones which slowly reveal their detail and form plus a batch of wildcard loops that defy genre or sound.

Broken down into 'Patterns' & 'Textures', each of these 50 loops can operate as a song starter or add an extra layer of originality to your track.
The complex and intriguing nature of each of these loops are what make them so appealing and flexible.

Equally at home within the world of techno or ambient electronica, their unique styling guarantees to offer that slight organic touch that can lift your track away from straight synths and Digital tones.

So, if you're after a pack where each loop is both as unique as it is inspiring then this one's for you - irrelevant of genre this pack will constantly become a staple leaving you unsure how you managed without it before. 

120 Bpm
Styles - 
Sequences, Arps, Rhythms and Textures.  Processed Organic Loops & Live Instruments.