Alt Hip-Hop Drums

Alt Hip-Hop Drums

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One Shots: 
101 (80 Drum Hits & 20 Processed 808 Samples)
80-150 Bpm
Styles - 
Future Hip-Hop Drums Pack, Trap & Dubstep beats and samples. Rolling syncopated hats, grooving half step rhythms and more.

Hard Hitting Future Hip-Hop Drums Pack

Introducing our latest, purely drum focused collection 'Alt Hip-Hop Drums'. With the mission to create hard hitting, focused drums and rhythms, this iconic future Hip-Hop drums pack will be the perfect addition to any producers sample arsenal. 

Highlighting the resurgence in these iconic, genres. This hard hitting sample pack leans into the genres must haves tones and styles. Think half step beats, syncopated hats, garage influences and nothing but precise, focused drum selections. This ones a beauty! The details: 

Rolling Hip-Hop Beats & Grooves 

Coming in at 113 loops and 101 amazing one shots, this collection portrays the detail, production chops and expert mixing that the genre demands. Broken down into full loops, tops and percussion loops, we've amassed the building blocks of your next full beat.

Moving seamlessly between intro, build and drop, it's this flexibility that makes the pack so damn useful! Complimenting these incredible beats around 20, expertly designed 808 one shots. Saturated, hard hitting and primed for your samplers - these slap!

With tempos ranging from 80-150 BPM, we've also paid a visit to classic Hip-Hop, Trap, grime and RnB. All with the precision and drive you'd expect. Each one of these loops guarantee swing, vibe and drums that truly knock!

Royalty Free Drum Loops & One Shots 

So, if you're needing some fresh 2024 drum inspiration then look no further friend! Focused, precise and damn hard hitting. Download today!