After Hours Tracks

After Hours Tracks

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Download The Finest Electronic Music Samples

From the otherworldly astral jazz influences to the ocean deep synth pads & chords, After Hours Tracks is one of our most accomplished and expansive collections to date.

Carving a line between downtempo and chillout, 2-step and hip-hop, these beautifully melodic loops will enhance any producers toolkit with authentic lines and truly emotive melody.

Each one of these organic electronic music samples have been mixed and mastered in house, amplifying the levels of detail and soul held within each loop. We just love it.

By pushing genres to their very edge, we've been able to combine eclectic influences and create something a little bit different from the crowd. Here's the breakdown:

Nestled inside this sound design masterpiece you'll find evolving synth pads and atmospheres, nostalgic chord progressions inspired by artists like Floating Points, analog synth arps that twist and weave, driving drum machine and live drum loops, warm sub basses and abstract space FX, rich lead hooks and evolving atmospheres that will enrich any breakdown or intro.

Plus, we guarantee that one spin through the demo will reveal just how great this collection truly is.

So, if you're fascinated by music that's eclectic and explorative or love the idea of adding genuine character to your collection then this ones a perfect fit. With references ranging from Sun Ra to The Comet Is Coming, Flying Lotus and Floating Points, you just know this ones a ride worth jumping on.

Size: 270 Mb
Loops: 111
Tempos - 114 - 123 Bpm
Styles - Astral jazz Loops, Ambient Electronica, Flying Lotus & Floating Points Inspired Electronic Music Samples perfect for downtempo, late night vibes & chillout.