Afro Vocal Cuts

Afro Vocal Cuts

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Loops: 73
One Shots:
Styles -
Traditional West African vocal samples. Perfect for house, techno, electronica & Afrobeat. 

Download Traditional African Vocal Samples

We're proud to welcome back the musical genius that is 'Urban Galore'! Fresh off his infamous Amapiano Cuts release, Emiliano has been deep into the studio to record some of the finest traditional African vocal samples to date. Taking reference from West African (Ghana and Nigeria especially), each one of these loops is the perfect option for that getting that traditional sound. 

Iconic Ethnic Vocal Loops

Covering a range of styles and languages including Ashanti, Akyem, Yoruba, Frafra and Ewe, each vocal phrase is the perfect accompaniment for all forms of house, Afro-beat, techno and electronica. 

Featuring the iconic rhythms of West Africa, Emiliano has ensured that each vocal loop will get you standing out from the crowd. From the rich harmonies to the complex polyrhythms, we just know these epic loops will become the go-to sample pack when you need those African vocal samples.  

Royalty Free Vocal Samples

So, if you're a vocal aficionado or you're just looking for something thats sets you apart from the rest, this is THE ONE. Expertly processed, beautifully unique and truly inspirational - grab yourself some fresh royalty free vocal samples today!