Afro Palpitations

Afro Palpitations

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Classic House Loops.

Prepare to enter the world of Afro Palpitations. Originally formed from a collection of extensive hardware jams and performances, this incredibly rich and diverse collection of house loops and one shots have been refined and processed to place those very recordings of some of our favourite analogue machines into your own hands.

Think 303's, 606's, 707's, Juno's, a classic JX-3P and so much more with each loop getting that kiss of analogue hiss and saturation. From grooving drum machine percussion loops to acid inspired bass lines, rich harmonic pads to era defining classic stabs and chords, grooving analogue bottom end loops and psychedelic leads this collection offers something truly unique.

With the objective of inspiration we knew these gritty house loops needed to be both diverse yet focused and will instantly become your go to sample library for adding that little extra to your already developed tracks.

Inspired by classic house, tropical sounds and an afro twist yet with enough originality to inspire even the most strict of sample aficionados, we've also included a collection of beautiful one shots that are perfect for adding your own twist or can be easily thrown into your sampler of choice. So, with the start of the new year it's time to get back into the studio and get your tracks grooving - embrace the funk!"

Size: 277.4mb
Pack: Loops: 243 & One Shots: 72
Tempos: 108-129 bpm
Styles - Classic House Samples. 303,606, 707, 808