A Space Arp Odyssey

A Space Arp Odyssey

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Loops: 38


Styles - Arpeggios, Chords, lead lines and pads for techno, ambient and cosmic jazz.

Download Authentic Royalty Free Techno Loops

It’s not every day that you get your hands on an authentic Arp 2800! Well, for us, this finally happened. The history and mystery that surrounds this beast is clear for all to see, and for that reason, we knew we had to sample it. Introducing ‘A Space Arp Odyssey’. A boutique collection of the finest royalty free techno loops. We’ve gone deep on the sound design, arp patterns, chords and rich leads. Let’s find out more.



The True Sound Of Vintage Analogue

Notoriously tricky for keeping un tune, we meticulously tuned, samples and performed our favourite patterns to create a truly unique sample pack that we know you’ll love. Nestled inside this royalty free samples beauty you’ll find rolling techno sequences, rich pads, expansive ambiences and 70’s tinged funk lead lines. Perfect for dub techno, techno and deep house, each loop will instantly lift your beats into a new intergalactic galaxy. From song starters to adding that little bit of extra spice, we know this pack will be the one you turn to time and time again!

Arp 2600 Pads, Chords & Leads

Although mini in size, we’’re stoked with the results. Beautifully authentic, expertly performed and the always inspiring, we just know you’ll adore each one of these unique royalty free techno loops from a true industry icon! What a synth!