What Makes A Great Sample?

Ever wondered what makes a great sample or a great sample pack?!  Let’s us explain!


The sample is jammed with sample packs from numerous companies, musicians and producers covering a vast range of styles and quality levels.  As you can imagine, we get sent a lot, but here’s our check list for deciding what makes the Touch Loops grade.



The first one the list and for good reason.  When we hear a sample, we’re looking for every single loop to grab us and make us want to start producing.  The loop or sample should be the inspiration to dive into your DAW, pick up that instrument, get out of that writing rut or finish that lost beat.  We simply don’t accept filler.



We understand that there are only so many notes and so many chord progressions but what you do with those notes can be endless.  We want each loop to be unique from the other, break fresh ground and stand out from the crowd. 


 Mix Ready

Incredibly important especially when living up to our ethos.  We ensure each loop has been mixed beautifully, with all the right EQ & Compression touches showcasing that analogue sound we all know and love.  Starting out producing can be tricky so let us remove some of the guess work.  As you grow you’ll develop an ear for making the right decisions in a mix and reap the rewards of music that’s works on all systems – we’re with you.


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Tying in nicely with ‘inspiring’ we’re looking to samples that provide that moment of magic.  Each sample should have the option to the be the bedrock of any beat ranging from the perfect pad to a stunning chord progression, incredibly memorable lead line or a hook that’s both timeless and iconic.  Referencing the classic hits of today and the past we want each loop to give us that classic chill.


Key & tempo labelled

Often overlooked but ensuring all loops are beautifully edited, the correct length with no clicks and most importantly offers a true tempo and accurate key info is a must.  Creating music is hard enough without struggling with the concept of key and tempo – we’re here to help.