The Sounds of Aphex Twin


For the last 30+ years, Aphex Twin (real name Richard David James) has been integral to the world of electronic music. 

Forming the soundtrack of numerous late night drives, AFX's pushing of the boundaries would form the bedrock all electronic music that I know and love.

From his ambient masterclass 'Ambient Works Vol II' to the more rhythmically challenging Drukqs', AFX's sound has consistently twisted what is possible within the world of electronic music.  


The Playlist

With this nostalgic dig into the past, and the contemporary, we decided to piece together a playlist of some of AFX's most important pieces.  

To compliment the audio onslaught, we've also thrown in a few pieces from the contemporary orchestral group 'Alarm Will Sound' who famously covered AFX's 'Richard D James' album from 1996. 

New to Aphex? Good luck! 




The size of AFX's influence on modern electronic music should not be underestimated. His rhythmic programming, abstract synth tunings and ability to transition from all our aggression to total calm has rarely been replicated. 

Take one listen to Daniel Avery's new album 'Ultra Truth' or dig into the world of ambient jungle that's lighting up the UK, then you will be sure to find endless references to the great man himself! 


Weekend listening

Check out this incredible live performance from the Printworks in London. Transitioning effortlessly through genres and ages, it's a masterful journey that deserves to be enjoyed in full!