The Best of J Dilla - Playlist


Introducing the latest Touch Loops Spotify Playlist: The BEST of J Dilla. 

From his outrageous beats in Slum Village to the iconic production touches with artists like Janet Jackson, J Dilla shaped the sound of the last 30 years and still inspires us today. Check this J Dilla playlist and explore the 'JD Sound'.


Back Story

Born James Dewitt Yancey on February 4th, 1974 in Detroit Michigan,  James was born into a family that surrounded him with music.  His mother, a former opera singer, his dad a world class Jazz bassist and brother John who would later produce under the name Illa J led James straight into the world of music, jazz and eventually Hip-hop.  

From his early meetings to being given his first MPC by non other than Amp Fiddler (Funkadelic fame) to a chance meeting with Q-Tip.. every piece of Dillas life was shaped around the principles of beat production, sampling and producing Hip-Hop. 

After handing a beat tape of his newly formed collective Slum Village to Q-Tip, JD & Slum Village would go on to produce for the likes of Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, De La Soul & The Pharcyde to name a few. 



Give the J Dilla playlist a spin below and find out more about this beat making genius! 



What made J Dilla So Great?! 

One word.. SWING!  Through the use of his MPC, his outstanding touch and incredible internal metronome, J Dilla literally shaped the sound of modern Hip-Hop.  It is said that after producing, the swing he achieved literally 'changed thew way Quest Love' drummed.  From the push of the hats to the early, 'loudest thing in the mix' snare to his impeccable sample selection, any J Dilla beat is instantly recognisable. 



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