Mountain Range x Touch Loops - Sleep Map '22

For those familiar with Touch Loops, you'll know that Stu has been (and is) an integral member of the team! From his incredible 'Creating The Sounds of' breakdowns to his amazing sample output, Stu's input has been immeasurable over the years! 

Anyhow, last week Stu launched an amazing series called the 'Sleep map'. An hour of stunning ambient music, the intention of the piece is to help you drift of, and intern, gain some clarity from the stresses of Xmas & the New Year! 

To accompany this, Stu is also using the mix to help with the UK based homeless charity Shelter. Worldwide, Winter is a brutal time for anyone that is homeless so the more we can help the better! 

Below are a few words about the mix, links to the charity and also a little info on Stu's plans for 2023. Thanks for being with us!



What was the idea behind the mix?

Christmas [and winter in general] used to be my favourite time of year. But as I've gotten older, that love for the season has slowly been replaced by worry. Financial pressures, family pressures, travel, as well that the overall feeling that if you're not having a nonstop great time, you're doing something wrong.

This really effects my sleep, and I know it does for a lot of other people too. So, I decided to start writing some music to help my friends drift off more easily then, that became an hours worth of music.

I'm now releasing it as sort of a mix for everyone - to help with the difficulty that winter brings!  

What about the music itself?

It's starts-off not strictly ambient, but more just relaxing music to settle into. As the mix progresses, the sounds become more washed out and less melody driven to keep you falling deeper into sleep. 

The chimes are from an old clock that I inherited from my Gran. It's a sound I find really comforting and breaks up each piece of music nicely.

This is something of a fundraiser as well? 

This is an even more difficult winter with the cost of living crisis and energy prices soaring out of control, on top of what can already be a hard time for many. 

The original plan was to offer the mix as a download for a 'pay what you want' charity donation to 'Shelter', a UK charity that fights homelessness and supports people struggling with housing problems.

But, generally I find no-one downloads music like that anymore, so instead the option is there for people that have a bit of change to spare and would like to donate whilst listening to the music (or when you wake up). 



This winter in the UK is a really hard one. The cost of living crisis is keeping us up at night as we try to figure out how to keep costs down, and our heads above water.

But, there are so many that may lose their homes. Both them and the homeless community need our help! 

If you are able to donate any amount (literally) - head over to Shelter's page - thank you!




The mix is amazing Stu - thank you! How's 2023 looking? Are you releasing much music? 

2023 is looking incredibly busy! For those that don't know I produce music under the alias Mountain Range

I’ve spent the last year writing so much music. I’ll be steadily releasing it throughout 2023. It's all knee rattling, head bobbing and super emo dance music which makes me a bit nervous! This is new ground for me! 

You can stream Stu's new single below!