Mixing The Sounds Of Arca | Fluidity


Following on from our 'Creating The Sounds Of Arca' article.. Rich digs deep into his mixing process for getting the loops up to release standard.  


Covering everything from side-chain ideas to sonic analysis, we'll show you how to mix in Ableton live with all techniques applicable to any DAW. 



Freeze & Flatten

We're all guilty of constantly tweaking and changing sounds, especially when they're in MIDI.  

Commit to your sound and freeze & flatten.  In Ableton this is easy, just right click on your channel and choose 'freeze' - once it's frozen just choose flatten and you'll be working with Audio.. much better!


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Separate Loops & Samples

Don't feel restricted by the layout of your loops, in the video Rich cuts out the kick form the loop to give extra mixing options - an easy fix that's often forgotten.


Hi-Pass Your Hi-Hats

This tip isn't strictly for hi-hats but you'll often find hats have lots of low frequency information that's not necessary.   Use a high pass filter on your EQ to remove unwanted mud and energy fro your samples. 


Remove Your Ego

A tricky one to remember but always think 'does this sample actually need changing or improving?' Sometimes your tracks sound great as they are so just leave them and set the level. 


Saturate 808's For Clarity On Small Speakers 

Using a plug-in like a tape machine emulation is a great way to add extra top end harmonics to 808's kicks / subs.  It's this top end information that allows your 808's to be heard on smaller speakers and in cars. 

Tip: Try placing a saturation option on an aux and send some of your subs to this for extra control.